Saturday, January 12, 2008

The aTypical Introduction

An attempt to understand a girl's mind is so difficult for a man.  We give them crap for trying and go on and on about how they have the slightest idea.  Then we give a 30 second explanation of a man in a nutshell, like they are single-celled organisms with  protruding extremities (including the head) even they have little control over.  

I'm 21, all-american, been a girl, well, quite a while, and to explain a female is something i wouldn't even begin to stubble over.  I'm attempting this starting now because I'm at that time where everything's happening.  That whole, "Where will you be in five years?" question has answers potentially completely opposite to the now.  I graduate in 4 months.  I get my first apartments.  God willing, I'll be married in two years, and sure before that five year hash mark my children will be in the picture.  

Now, I'm not going at this blindly.  I have the perfect handbook, the Bible.  I have many imperfect, yet discerning examples in my mother, grandmothers, and so on and so forth.  I have faith in God that He has the lesson plan charted with a ruler in one hand and a gold star in the other.  

I am interested to see on paper, the turn out.  So, I'm starting now.  I've put the pen to the paper.  I know the picture is going to be what God aims to post on his 'fridge, so, Im going to see what dot i hit next.  You can watch if you want, but Im looking to grow closer to Christ, my boyfriend/husband, my family, and myself.