Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Last Days in Fatik...

So yesterday and today were our last days in Fatik.

Yesterday was our last distribution day. The morning started by visiting the High school. We split into teams and visited each english class so they could ask us questions and learn more from real english speakers. It was so interesting to see how their school system worked. They asked about President Kennedy and how we felt about his election. I answered that it had alot to do with his looks and that he was from a famous family, and i dont think that is what they wanted to hear. :)

Then, we went to a school here in town where another school traveled to recieve the boxes as well. Someone mentioned it took them two hours to walk and these were kids aging from 4 to around 15. It's a crazy whole new way of life here. We played games in the heat of day which was about 107 degrees. Us toubaes (pronounced to-bobs- their name for white people)took shifts on who had to stand out in the sun for what game.

All in all it ended up being GREAT! It was just so thrilling to see those kids walk away with all their friends with their boxes on their heads and huge smiles on their face.

Today was more of a relaxing day. We met for prayer walking and devotion in the morning, had Chicken and Dumplings for lunch and then headed home for a restful afternoon. Here in Fatik the city controls the electricity so at any moment the power can go out for up to 5 hours. They mostly choose to do that when most people use power so in the middle of the afternoon when it's hottest and fans and ACs and tvs during afternoon naps are playing, they flip the switch.

Some of us napped, tricia visited a friend, liz and i played a card game, and then around 4:30p we went to visit tricia's french teacher. We were ushered into her cement hut, and watched tv and chatted with 12 other ladies. Some of the girls were from the high school and english club that tricia and liz do.

Then we went over to the Forsyths this evening to show a bible film to a yard full of kids and some adults. The kids stayed through the entire thing, but most of the adults left as soon as Jesus entered the scene. I tried to pray extra hard for them as they walked out of the gate.

Tomorrow we head to Dakar. I will be posting all these pictures on facebook. Im sure there will be many more once i get into Dakar. Ok i have to go pack now. and I'm on facebook with my mom. :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

True test of Faith!

So yesterday was a great day and as I blogged yesterday, I was soooo tired, that i posted what i did and then went to bed. Tricia soon came to bed after and likewise, everyone went to sleep.

Then at about 1:30a there was this HORRIFYING sound. I said quite frantically to Tricia, "Did you hear that?" "Hear what?" BOOOOOM!!!! The sound was like if you were to set a washer on top of a dryer and then push it off. It was SOOO LOUD! Tricia and i clingged to each other smilier to Scooby-doo if you know what i mean. Mary came in behind us b/c she heard it as well and we called to liz.

Liz being half asleep but also not hearing the sound at all, when to the window, shined the light out and determined there was no one there. But after that, Tricia and I couldn't sleep. We were analyzing every sound we heard! This morning we were talking about our prayers that we were praying...
or poke us with a big stick.

- God, please protect us. If you really want me to go to prison now, i will, but i will ball like a baby!

- God tell the Devil to leave this place! He's not welcome here.

- Don't let them shoot us.

- God my faith is small but you are large! Save us please!

We proceeded to tell everyone in the bible study this morning and i don't think anyone really understood the fear that was racing though us!

Amidst it all, Tricia accidently stepped on my glasses so I am wearing them scotch taped together. I look kinda funny.

We did another distribution today and it was in a village outside of Fatik. We got to watch wrestling and dancing of children from all ages. Then we handed the boxes out and watched them all run home to share them with their family. Today, little girls got most excited about hair bands and the little boys loved the clothes they received.

I think now, after giving these boxes out, i understand what the children NEED! And i have no doubt in my mind that each church could easily do 100! Some of this stuff in there is soooo inexpensive and these children will use those pens and pencils and paper for at least two years. Truely amazing!

I am off to bed. We have our last distribution tomorrow and it's going to be beautiful. We have one village walking a few miles to get to another village for the distribution.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

J'appelle Nilaan Sene!

So look at Tricia's blog for all the details. Im really tired tonight and all i want to do is sleep! But the best part was when Victor game me my Senegalize name! Nilaan Sene pronounced Neelan Se(long e)n.

New tatoo idea! don't tell mom! :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

2/3 The way to AWESOME!

Today was a GREAT day despite our job incomplete. We woke up and headed to the Forsyths a little latter in the morning in hopes to sleep an extra hour to get rid of our jet lag (which i might say we all handles VERY well!) We needed to wait to hear when the trucks were getting in, so we did things in the mean time. We had a morning devotion about being peaceful, learned about prayer walking, some when to the catholic church to clean out the rooms where the boxes are going, while the rest of us headed to market to buy elements of games we are playing during the process of handing out the boxes. Oh and by the way, when we heard about the general time out truck was coming in, we found out we were getting about 7,000 more boxes then we planned. AWESOME.. .so Travis needed to come up with more storage space...

We then came back from market and went to go meet some of tricia's friends, but they weren't home, so we went back, had dinner, and FOUND OUT THE TRUCK WAS HERE! Don't tell my mom but we piled a ton of us in the car and tricia, liz, and i rode on the luggage rack on top :) unloaded about 8,000 boxes and then headed home to wait for the next two trucks...

After a wonderful game a Fishbowl and a triumphant game of Spades (all played to keep us awake and alert for the next trucks), we got word around 1:30a that the trucks were stopping for the night and wouldn't be in until EARLY the next morning. So we just got back to the house.

We have TONS of pictures, but i didn't bring anything to import them, so please be patient with me.

Things to be praying for...
- Because of the extra boxes, it's going to cost more for guards, storage, and workers to unload. Pray that our funds stretched.
- Pray that the schedule changes at the schools work to our advantage.
- Pray for the people of Fatik, HIGH muslim population, but WONDERFUL WONDERFUL people.

Ok my battery is dying and i need to sleep! GOODNIGHT!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

26 hours later...

Ladies and Gents!

We are in Senegal!
I met up with the rest of the team Thursday morning at O'Hare and took a flight to Dullas at 1:10p. Arrived a little after three with the time change and thought we had a little layover until slightly after 5p. Well, we were all sitting down to a carry over meal until we were served a dinner on the plane. Bill and I split a piece of pizza, then I headed to the Kiosk for a magazine. Mom called and we chatted for a little while and when I got off the phone, i headed to the ladies room... My pants were just unzipped when i heard over the loud speaker, second call for guest flying Flight ### headed to Dakar, Senegal, Crider two, Davis, Dingus, some other names in between, and Smith. Please check in at gate A16. I ran! Zipped up on the way out and frantically called them to run to the gate. As soon as we got there, I asked if they started loading early and they said, Yes! Yes?!!?! So I frantically called nathan, told him i loved him, and we jumped on the plane to Dakar.

It was about a 6 hr flight and we arrived in Dakar at 5:40a on Friday Morning (today). So needless to say, many of us haven't slept for about 24 26 because of Sharathon.

We got off the plane, kindly said no to any man that offered to help us to avoid any kind of fee or tip, and waited (since we got in early) for Kim to pick us up. Very shortly after, we went to the missionary house in Dakar, ate breakfast, picked up Kim's daughter, Gloria. Then all 13 of us headed to Fatik. After a crazy bumpy 4 hr ride home, we got to where we were staying and heard that out Operation Christmas Child Boxes aren't coming until tomorrow afternoon. I think that changed so plans but we just go with the flow.

Some of the ladies experienced their 1st squatty potty! Holy Cow. And Donna had quite a time at the bathroom at the airport.

I am actually getting ready to head to the shower. I promise, I'll write more as we do more.