Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Tablespoon of a Kick in the pants

Well, since my last post, much has changed.

To catch you up to speed...I had started job searching by the end of May when I got to TN b/c i figured it wasnt going to be easy. And, shoot, it was impossible. I had two absolutely terrible experiences... I will write about them...but needless to say, I'm living back at the parents house and missing Kelsey, missing the label, missing Nashville like CRAZY and hating the "in debt" feeling!

Job searching at home isn't much easier. I applied for a BMW car dealership, a Pet Tech at an animal shelter, and a helper at a bakery. So, Im working at the bakery, Cyd's. I love it, although it is min wage, I love the people and the food and the laid back-ness of it.

I'm still looking for a radio job. I can't give up yet, but I sure wasnt expecting this.

I am loving being home though. Yes it's difficult at times, but you cant complain about being around people you love. I know God wants me here. Thats for sure. I'm just still figuring out why.

I gotta get back to work. I'm on my break at Cyd's and I think we are going to work on some artsy fartsy displays. I will def write more now that I DONT HAVE HOMEWORK!!! lol crazy!!!