Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jamie vs. Linz

At work today, Jill from Doing Life with the Traceys, compared me to Jamie Jamgochian. I laughed about it but then we started looking at Facebook Pictures and it was funny.... I think I have decided that, yes we look similar... but I look like her about 5-7 years prior...

Jill has some other pictures on the Doing Life with the Traceys page... we are facebook twins.... :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009


The night was one of those great nights when nathan comes home...  We meet out at his house nothing fancy at all.  Dinner had come and gone and everyone was showering only to slide their cut offs, comfy t-shirts and sandals back on to head out to a movie.  

I talked to the boys about their football game, and chit chatted with Pam and Steve and the Webers while nathan was still finishing his (always) incredibly long shower.  Then we piled into the van and my car and headed to Willow to watch a movie... 

Gamer was tonight's movie and i had never heard of it so i had no idea what i was in for...i was rudely introduced by more blood than saving private ryan, top-less women, and enough f-bombs to blow up a small village... i felt like a complete sissy, and very terrible, but i told nathan i was so sorry but i couldn't stay so i gathered my things and left.  Feeling terrible that i did, i moped over to Kohl's and then over to Bergner's and the book store thinking the whole time, Im so sorry. I should have stuck it out... I soon got a call saying the movie was over and they were heading over to Culver's.  

I felt way better when i got there b/c everyone said it was a terrible movie and a sad excuse for excessive violence and nudity.  Ash said she would have walked out with me had she known i left.  But we laughed and talked about funny people, funny times, made fun of each other, and enjoyed our Culver's like we always do... needless to say i had spilled pepsi on me earlier so i got some grief.  

Then we left and nathan and i went to chill for a while and he wanted to waste some time on the way home *1st inkling* and so we stopped by the church and sat in the parking lot where he asked a me out a few years back *2nd inkling* We talked for a little while and he was sad that we couldn't watch the stars, but he then preceded to say, Well, as you know we have been together 4 years and 2 mo. and you may know what's coming next but, uhh..." as he is pulling the ring box out of his sweatshirt, "Will you marry me?"  

I didn't even look at the ring, i didn't care at all!  I grabbed him around the neck as we sat in my car and giggled and said yes and yes again and kissed his cheek and hugged him and just was so stinking happy! 

Then i looked at the ring and it was ABSOLUTELY perfect! Our simple flawless love wrapped up in a tiny little band that was EVERYTHING i asked for.  We walked around the church building for a while thinking about the importance of what that place meant to us... where we met, where we served together, where we fell in love, where he asked me out, now, where he proposed to me, soon where he will marry me, and where we will serve together again.  

I know i will say it now...and it might not feel this way in the future... but i don't care what comes next because i have got the best partner and leader and Father who love me and will never leave my side.  

I LOVE YOU NATHANIEL STEVEN!  I CAN'T WAIT to grow old with you by my side.  And i will probably still have pepsi stains on my shirt then, too...

yours very truly,
the future Mrs. Wineinger