Saturday, June 20, 2009

10 things I should have Brought with me...

So I thought I would start a list of 5 things I should have brought with me to TN...
1. Baking essentials like, eggs, butter, sugar
2. How to book on Riding Horses
3. Lost 
4. Razor
5. Bug Spray
What I should have brought back with me... only 1...
1. Nathan.

It was good to see him working for Jesus and enjoying himself a ton.  It was good to see the mountains and see Gods handy work.  And all the extra fresh air made me jump start my next week.  ALERT THE MEDIA** I MOWED MY OWN LAWN!**  I more like chewed it up.  details...   ALSO A few months ago I got internet scammed out of my saxophone and this week they found it somewhere in atlanta!  SCORE!  I have been cleaning up my house and today I got an A/C.  It's in the living room, so it doesnt really make a dent on any other part of the house, but it feels great in the living room!  Ok off to bed.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I wish I could put into words what I am seeing around here, but nothing would work for the beauty that surrounds us.  We are at this place in the hills of the Smoky Mountains and from out deck, all we see is mountains and sky.  On our second deck, upstairs, we can sit in our hot tub, and gaze at the stars... Shooting stars are a reoccurrence.  My friends, Katie, Valerie and I are enjoying some great time with each other, with Jesus and with nature.  I also am enjoying some time with the love of my life. 
Jefferson City, where nathan is working for the sum
mer is about an hour away so I got to spend last night and today with him.  We enjoyed each others company of course and I got to see where he worked and held hands long enough to make up for the 7 weeks he has left until he comes home.  As much as I miss him, I am glad to be back in the mountains looking out over the wonderful mountains, see God's breath-taking creation. 
 As you look in some of these pictures I posted, these are actually from the website but they are not far off at all!  They are BEAUTIFUL cabins!  And those mount
ain views are no joke.  Amazing... im tellin ya.  Valerie has this crazy thing about her, that where ever she goes, wild life tends to follow.  So far, we have seen a DEAD baby scorpion, a mountain lion, a momma duck and her ducklings, a baby rabbit and the turkey... oh and a snake.  Katie the uncanny connection to nature.  She has seen shooting stars, rainbows and random shinny things the earth has created.  It has been a great weekend.  
The girls are staying in the one bedroom of the cabin and I am staying in this awesome loft that's on the second floor.  I am typing in the living room right now.  There is a journal sitting on the coffee table in front of the TV and in it are entries of all the people that came here before us.  It is really sweet how some are honeymooners, some are family reunions, and some are just some marriage renewal stuff.  God's handy work is unmistakably inspiring here.  I hope that everyone feels closer to Him, event if they don't realize it is him.  They feel changed at least.  I need to go to bed now.  It is twelve and we are planning on a morning with Jesus, some horse back riding, and some soaking up the glory time.  And of course... hot tub and suntan. Oh the joys of vacation.  Goodnite all.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tug of War

Man, I am struggling with keeping this up to date. SBT...

I got on FB yesterday and I was just crushed. I saw the World Changers/PowerPlant pictures and my heart was just broken. All I wanted to do was be there. (Ok here is where I might start writing things that someone at work might see and get offended, but I want you to know that I don't NOT appreciate the job, I am just speaking truthfully from my heart) I miss working for people. I miss direct service. I miss youth. I miss my freedoms. I miss it when I would work and not focus on the time.

My heart is just telling me that I am not giving at my capcity and I miss that so much. I haven't roofed a house in years. I haven't gone on a mission trip in over three years. I moved into this house and I can't utalize it, because I don't have free time. I am finding myself at a place in life where I dont have the faith in God's power like I used to, because I don't NEED it. I don't like that feeling. I have a 9 to 5, and a roof over my head, and 401K (503B actually) and a paycheck. I hate that I am blending in to the workforce I think. I am at the stage of life where I wanted to be doing what I could before I got married, and now, I am in a routine...the exact opposite.

My heart hurts right now and to fix it would be irresponsible and not for the greater good. It would be self pleasing and finacially dumb.

God's got me. He always does. I just hope that I'm gripping with a tight enough grasp to feel the tug.

On a slightly lighter note...

Mac is doing well. He graduated from Puppy class last friday. He got first place in the tale wagging compotition and 3rd in Sit stay and down stay. We have a few little spats now and again, but he chillaxes in the kitchen while im at work and then we walk or play when I get home. He's my love and I try to take him everywhere I go. :)

Nathan is at Appalachain Outreach in Jefferson City, TN this summer...yet another summer apart, but it will be 4 years a month from yesterday... wierd isn't it... yeah i know.

Ok off to bed. Thank you for listening to my heart for a while and humoring me.. Miss all of you who are far away.