Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Photo Blog

I'm too tired to type alot so ill put up some pictures of recent happenings...
Pic 1: We have these nasty little fruit flies all the time even when there's no food sitting out. She slapped and got two at once!

Pic 2: Kelsey and I frantically getting her school project done by taking pictures of spilled beans.

Pic 3: This WAS a Cosmo but the dogs that dogsat this weekend def. thought it was a chew toy. Thank u tricia and kelsey for helping me remain calm.

Pic 4: Artsy pictures of my garden...this is parsley

Pic 5: Raspberry Bush

Pic 6: Lettuce

Pic 7: and the not so great picture but awesome sun flower!

These Next pics are the shots decorating my wall...

They were all pictures taken in Nashville so i felt it appropriate. Ok off to bed.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Start of Week 3

I was talking to Kelsey tonight and i started out talking all sophisitcated on this blog b/c i wanted people to feel like i has something important to say...now i just wanna make sure that people know i am doing ok and that i can see for myself that i am doing ok. I thought i would post some pictures up here to show you what i am up to and what not...
So Kelsey is taking this digital photography class on the side and we discovered this weekend and mostly yesterday that she needed to get some shoots done for tomorrow night. So we did the bean shots to show focus up front and in the distance. We went down town to see about some city lights and got totally freaked out by our surroundings. Saturday morning we got to go to this farmers market and flea market and the flea market wasnt all that great but i got some sweet potatoes, corn, and baby reds. Then i bought my raspberry bush!!! Oh i have got to get a picture of my potted garden on here for everyone to see! Megan Block would be so proud of me. I have lettuce, peppers, basil, parsley, 2 planters of assorted flowers, a raspberry bush, and i planted 2 giant sunflowers for Kelsey.
Funny story...we had chicken saturday night for dinner and we wanted to have Kelsey new amish sourdough bread that she bought at the farmers market and then she wanted to make her so wonderful seasoned baby reds. Yum...so she had them in the oven and they werent cooking very fast so we decided we would eat and then eat the potatoes when we were all done with everything else. Well... we decided after dinner that we wernt going to eat them until later but we were going to go downtown and shoot pictures. So...we left.....so 90 min later we walk back in our front door and it smelled that usual smell after you bake dinner...and kelsey was like, "man, what did we cook to leave a smell combo like that...chicken, bread, pota...POTATOES!!!" we accidently left the potatoes in the oven at 450 degrees for about 2 hours. And they tasted pretty good...but the principle!! Neither of us remembered and after the initial we laughed about it for a while... it's becuase we got an old fashioned stove and so there's no light to say if it's on or off. thats our rebuttal.

Saturday afternoon we were also looking for a used CD and record store and boy did we find one! Grimey's has everything you could ever dream of! I got a Madonna, Best of Bread, Bon Jovi, and Beegies Record and Kelsey got a $1 Steve Martin Stand up record. Now all we need is a working record player!
Well this weekend Tricia is coming to town and Kelsey is leaving me...so there will be more stories to tell soon. Forrest is doing well. I will have pictures of her, my apartment, and my garden up soon.