Friday, April 9, 2010

20 Things that I have always wanted to blog...

These are some helpful tips that i have learned life. I would now like to share them with you and see if you have any similar advice to give.
  1. When the tag bugs you on the edge of a pillow, pull the pillow out of the case and put it in the opposite way.
  2. When you cat/dog/child eats the butter sitting on the counter, put it away. (If it's an animal, it's probably best to throw it away.)
  3. When your animals whine, bark, meow loudly, look at you and then cock their head to the side, this is equal to a small child saying, "Please mommy. I promise I won't make you mad if you let me..." DO NOT give in! I repeat, DO NOT give in.
  4. A clean bed is similar to that of a clean car. It will rain very shortly there after. It is best to find mud, rub your animal/child's paw in it, dip in water, and then place in a focal area of the bedspread. This will avoid the anger that comes when finding it unexpected.
  5. Plastic bags need to be obliterated. Yes, they are detrimental to the environment. Just as important, you ALWAYS seem to bump into, hear when your cat steps on, or need to get into one at a time when you are trying to be quiet.
  6. The forecast will always be sunnier on the days when you have the most work to do.
  7. In the state of IL, we should allow for space in our wardrobe for both summer and winter clothes. This will avoid the conundrum of putting your winter clothes away too early in the spring and putting your summer clothes away too early in the fall.
  8. The laundry is never done. You just gotta be ok with that.
  9. Never say you don't want to do something...God's a REALLY good listener.
  10. I have found that writing lists on my hands is very helpful, but it also shows others how behind I am. Try a notebook.
  11. Salute to the fellow females with blond eye lashes...others, please don't mock us when we put mascara on to go to the grocery store, roof a house, or play in sporting events. We just gotta do it.
  12. My backspace button is hit three times as much as the keys on the keyboard. a. because i am a bad speller. b. because my i key is missing and words look really funny without their i's. c. i think before i type about just as well as i think before i speak... that's not all that great.
  13. You can get a zit ANYWHERE on your body! Anywhere...
  14. When your grandmother asks your if it was tramp day at school, she is not referring to what is in your head right now...think of this word, "tramp," as a comical hobo. Generation gap...that's all that is...
  15. No matter how hard Wrigley may try, juicy fruit gum looses it's flavor the fastest.
  16. Dogs are a perfect example of unconditional love. I am in awe of my Jesus because of my dog. Now cats... different...
  17. Crystal door handles can make ANYTHING look cool.
  18. You are not a loser if it's Friday and all you have done is eat a bowl of ice cream and watched an L&O: SVU marathon. There is nothing wrong with that.
  19. Jesus >MAC >Chacos >bed >artichoke > a vaction...
  20. God's timing will come on your take it off and stomp on it. It's getting in His way...
That's all for now kids...I need to sleep, bad.