Monday, January 2, 2012

27 New Uses For Old Things...

Not sure how everyone else's new year has started, but the refreshing idea of newness and starting over always is a reassuring feeling for me.    I like to start with a clean house, rested, and with my head in the right place.  I am doing a new yearly fast this year, so hopefully that's gonna make me feel better.

I am an avid REAL SIMPLE reader also, and I always love the "New Uses for Old Things."  So here is a list that I came up with of things that I use, and some that i don't.... and some that are just plain awesome that are ingenious!

  1. Coffee Filter- Clean your windows with these to avoid the leftovers from a paper towel. (Newspaper also works as well.)
  2. Sand Paper- Can be used to clean the pills off a sweater.  This can also be used to show wear on jeans.  Also, scuff up the bottom of shoes so they're not so slippery.
  3. Clear Nail Polish-  There is SO MANY uses for this!  
    • Put a dot on to stop runs in tights
    • Put it over screws on your glasses and they're less likely to fall out.
    • Seals envelopes
    • Put it on the bottom of your shaving cream to avoid those gross rust marks in the tub or on the counter.
  4. Old Wine Bottles-  Stick these in your boots to keep the shape.
  5. Pencil erasers-  Have you lost an earring back?  Just snip of the end of a pencil eraser and stick it on.
  6. Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Rolls-  Another, multiple use item...
    • I have cut them up and decorated with them
    • Can be used in the bathroom of little girls to keep all their hairbands in one place.
    • Paper towel rolls can be used to roll up scarves so they don't wrinkle.
    • Shove plastic bags inside fore a compact way to store bags when you get home from the store.  Any that don't fit get recycled.   
  7. The Lone sock- From hair curler to decorator to organizer
    • Long sock- cut the end out of it and use it to create curls overnight. Video Here
    • Long sock- string all your wires through it behind the TV or computer to keep all your wires untangled and out of the way
    • Short socks- use as foot protectors on your furniure with legs when your moving stuff around a lot.  This will help not scuff up your floors (esp. wood!)
  8. Empty veggie/fruit can- need a biscuit cutter?  Just cut the other end out and use it as a biscuit cutter...Not to mention, covering it with fabric or modge podging something on it for a pencil holder (or holder of anything really...)
  9. Golf Tees-  Having a bunch of different kinds of breakfast muffins?  Use different color golf tees to tell which is which...
  10. Ziplock Bag- Another Million use item..
    • Don't have a piping bag to decorate a cake or cupcakes?  Cut the corner off your ziplock bag and squeeze.
    • Amazing at the beach.  Keep the items you need to keep sand free in a ziplock.  
    • Funnel for filling salt and pepper in shakers.
    • Put your graham crackers or oreos in a ziplock to crumble for your crusts.
    • Blow up large bags with air and use them as package padding when mailing stuff.
  11. Shower curtain rings- use them on a pan hanger and sting your scarves though them.  
  12. Paper Clip- for when a zipper breaks!
  13. Hair straightener- Much more convenient to straighten ribbon and to touch up small spots on a shirt.
  14. Empty 2-Liter- This can also be used to stick in boots to keep the shape.
  15. Ceramic Tiles-  Redone your kitchen or bathroom floors and have a spare ceramic tile?  These work great as pot trivets!  
  16. Dental Floss (unflavored)-  This is sooo valuable in the kitchen!  With brittle cheeses like goat and feta, use dental floss to cut it.  Also use dental floss for leveling cakes.  And because most of us don't whole chickens or turkeys every week, use it as bakers twine for Christmas and thanksgiving.
  17. Old gift boxes-  These are great for delivering a cupcakes.  Cut about 8 "x" in the top that will fit your cupcakes.  I have used this one multiple times...
  18. Muffin Tin
    • In the kitchen, these work great as turned over to set hot pans on, to portion things, or to 
    • For crafts, use these to separate paints, beads, really anything that you need contained.
    • For garage sales, we use these as our change holder inside a Tupperware container for our change box.
    • Before a party, scoop out ice cream into each spot and stick them in the freezer.  Then, you don't have to battle the ice cream scoop in front of guests.  
  19. Wine Glasses- Turn them over to place candles on top.  I have also seen wedding tables used these turned over with flowers under the glass and candles on top.  Pretty cute.
  20. iPod/iPhone/MP3 Speakers-  Just place it in a bowl!  Creates an easy amplifier.
  21. Plate holders for a picnic- FRISBEES!  
  22. Silly Bandz- Can be the perfect wine glass tag.  
  23. Straw- strand one side of your necklace in it to travel!  Helps avoid tangles.
  24. Sheet bags with zippers- GREAT for storing kid's coloring books and crayons, you can also store fabric and ribbons in for those crafters out there.  
  25. Empty picture frame- put a pretty peice of scrapbook paper in there and use it as a dry erase board!
  26. Counter Paper towel holder- Stack your ribbon up!  Pretty looking too!
  27. Potato bag closers- Ya know those plastic things to hold bags closed?  Use them to determine which plug is what on a powerstrip.  Just write what it is on the tag and clip it on.