Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Great Mother Red Hen

So Nathan told me last week that he had the best birthday present for me and I just needed to let him know when a good time was to go pick it out. Here are the hints that i gathered from what he told me...
- "You need to pick out what color you want."
- "Now, you won't be able to use it until we move out to the Route 40 house, but we can keep it in storage until we move.
- "I think they open and close at 7pm"

So that was the end of that conversation, and then we talked about it and figured out that we could go on Saturday morning before work. So I begged and pleaded for a few more hints... I finally resorted to letters.

"Tell me a letter that's in the word..."
"That's not a letter! That's a vowel!"
"I'm not saying yes or no anymore!"
"There's no 'r' in Mac."
"Ha... yah."
"Yeah right!"
" Recliner....Craftsmen? Babe, i don't need tools... Cuiesenart...."
"Go to bed!"

So we woke up at 6am and got dressed for work. We jumped into the car and headed downtown... toward builders warehouse....UFS...*recliner-that i didnt want*.... and then we turned into the tractor supplies.
Passed the cowboy red ones btw... and HERE IS WHAT HE GOT ME.....

I basically have the best husband ever! They are the coolest... they smell... but they are cool! They will be out in the garage soon...but for now they are chillin' in the basement. Forrest is really not very happy about this...but she is handling it like any pompous, selfish, "i am better than the world" cat.

Then to day in an ode to Easter, I tried dying egg with neckties. It kind of worked... they looked pretty cool...
Here's hoping we'll be at our new house in about two weeks... but who knows... I'll post updated pictures soon.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am going to type down things that are coming to my head right now...slightly for entertainment purposes and also, b.c i need to blog and i got a lot on the brain...

- I miss my dog. (There's one barking annoyingly outside)
- Can they please call me back.
- It's awesome outside.
- I really love Salt and Vinigar chips EXCEPT they make me sweat and they make my lips swell
- Nathan is so handsome. (just glanced at a picture)
- I need to get in a better mood.
- Oh to be off work by 5pm again.. what would that feel like?
- Can we get a dance crew together of the thousands and dance in a field to a random song?
- I miss my dog.
- I hope im a good aunt.
- What's for dinner?
- I need to finish a craft project...Im having a feeling that im one of those people who start something really cool and never finish it.
- I wonder what the date is when i get all my debts paid off?
- I wish i could get paid to blog.
- Can i get a job doing something that i already do?

I am trying to decide to change my blog, but i still want to keep this one because im one of those people who when they're bored, look back at some of their old posts and re-read them and remember how long it took me to write that one, how dumb it was or how many typos there were. But im officially a W and its slightly obvious that i thrive off of change.

Must do something different now.