Thursday, February 25, 2010

Crunch time!

  • 4 days until 91.5 WCIC Sharathon 2010
  • 6 days until I leave for Dakar, Senegal. HOLY COW!
  • 46 days until the season premier of Glee
  • 49 days until 91.5 WCIC's Opening Act (I'm the main coordinator)
  • 64 days until I turn 24
  • 92 days until I'm Mrs. Wineinger.

I have come to understand that i can usually tell the validity of my task when i type into google, "Checklist for (FILL IN TASK HERE)" so I was feeling really good and slightly less overwhelmed when I specifically found a checklist for packing for Senegal. Granted it was another blog, but shoot! I'll take what I can get. I officially leave in less than a week. This time next week I will be in the air to Dakar, Senegal in Northwest Africa (Take note that when I get there it will actually be 5am of Friday)

My laundry is still sitting in a pile in my room. My two suitcases that I'm going to bring are down stairs waiting to be brought up. I have rolls of wrapping paper that I plan on unrolling and folding up to bring. I still need to shop for extra things and finalize all my bills so that everything get paid for while i'm gone.

I feel soo behind. I'm still finishing up Sharathon (our station fundraiser) stuff, making sure my interns, who are very awesome i might add, are fully trained for starting Opening Act without me. God has taught me something truly valuable right now! I cannot do ANYTHING on my own. And right now, I am pretty ok with that. I just got to relay on the one Man who's had my back even before I was born, and not sure why i can't fully do that.

I just listened to a really great sermon by Mark Driscoll about planning... we all know that im the most type A as they come... NOT! so listening to him and how he helped his wife manage over time was really helpful. Only thing is...I need someone to keep me accountable and up to date with my planning... and all i have is...

I say, anyone who wants to all over the state of il from Pearl City to Anna, we meet once a month for an accountability group... ha. It's worth a try.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't get me wrong. There are two highlight this spring and one is Senegal and the other is my wedding. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS TRIP! Once I have the chance to think of packing it will get done very well... but i got to allow for time.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We are the World

I know some people that really dislike this video but I don't care how famous they are, I still get a knot in my throat when I watch it... some of my co-workers were watching and it prompted me to watch it...

Sometimes I get genuinely concerned that we forget too fast. Sigh... this is a little bit of history.