Friday, June 8, 2012

The WIERDness of being Preggers...

I apologize if pregancy/babies/food is all i've talk about around you, on here, in general everywhere lately.  It quite literally has consumed my life, and my body for that matter and it's a new experience for me that I have yet to get used to.  I understand they have books about this, "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and "Child Birth for Dummies," but they scare me, they are large, and i have a general understanding that many people have done it without them so I'll be just fine, I'll just be kind of in the dark.

Also, seeing as how I generally avoid ANYTHING that has to do with hospital-ness, medicine, I have experience some crazy things that come with baby that I had no idea.   Then I get on or and read..."You may be experiencing...(fill in the blank)..." and then I feel better.

But stuff that I didn't know that freak me out for 5.7 sec and then I'm ok...

  • I got my hair cut the other day and usually the hair dresser oos and ahhs about how soft and healthy my hair is..."Do you flat iron your hair?  Or blow dry it?  Your ends are really wimpy.  Have you been shedding a lot lately??"  WHAT?!?  It is growing REALLY fast though...
  • My stomach is hairy.  Not like what Nathan refers to as a "man sweater"  but my tummy glistens with my blond hairs all over.  I laugh when i look at it.
  • No major details here, but I'm pretty POSITIVE this constipation business was involved just to get you prepared for the birthing process!!  Misery.
  • Because your skin stretches, it itches.  I'm sure I look like an ape scratching my tummy and my sides.  
  • My co-workers make fun of me because I have a food stash box at work...It includes
    • lemon heads
    • rice cakes
    • caramels
    • club crackers & wheat thins
    • microwave popcorn
    • almonds
    • easy cheese
    • powdered donuts
    • granola bars
    • fruit jerky
    • bananas
  • I'm extremely hungry often, so I get something to eat and then eat it really fast.  Then b/c I ate to fast, I get sick and the vicious cycle starts again.  The other day at Jimmy John's, Nathan just laughed at me.  Especially when I couldn't get my shoes on fast enough so I ran to the bathroom barefoot.  I laughed too, so no harm.  Now, if he notices, he tells me to slow he takes care of me...:)
  • I drink a half gallon if milk in two days.  Then, I feel like I pee for two days straight, but  it tastes sooo good!
  • I waddle. BAHAHAHAahaha.
I know that this may not be her topic of choice, but I love talking to Tricia about this kind of stuff, b/c she generally find most of these things weird also, and then I don't feel like such a bad mother-to-be.  I am soooo happy that I am generally not moody.  I have notice times where my sarcasm with my boss especially may be slightly harsh, but that's when I say I'm pregnant and you just have to deal with it!