Thursday, May 29, 2014

Holy 4 Years! Happy Anniversary, Mr. Wonderful....

We are going to look back at these times and laugh some day...
Today marks Nathan & my 4 year anniversary.  We've been together almost 9...
Pretty sure I wouldn't want it any other way.  I knew he was my love for a LONG long time.
Also, can i just say...DANG we were hot!

August 2005  Nathan's Homecoming-
Together a month
Hands down one of my favs...sometime in 2006

Our attempt at a Christmas Pic 2007

October 2009  

Our Wedding 2010- Best weekend of our lives
Honeymoon- May 2010

Our first Family Picture after Rue was born Aug 2012

Man! He makes such cute babies!  May 2013

Our latest Family Picture October 2013
Things I love about Nathan...

  • He is HOTT!
  • He is a servant
  • He smells...this is good and bad. 
  • He keeps me grounded, but lets me dream.
  • He's goal oriented
  • He's a provider
  • He's an AMAZING father!
  • He likes my cooking
  • He loves Jesus
  • He loves his family!
There's tons more but these are my tops!  
...To many years ahead, my love.

love, wife