Monday, August 22, 2011

Ode to my Mac...

Today is a hard HARD day... Nathan and I were having a great night. Peaceful, restful... Sunday nite football started last night, and me, being the avid football fan that I am decided to go chill with the dogs. We chilled in the garage and watched the sunset. I drank a coke and split my last pack of caramel rice cakes between the three of us.

Nathan came out and we fed the chickens and then Mac and Moose, kissed them goodnite (well, I did, not nathan) and we headed in. Come about 9:20p we were going around to lock up and go to bed a little early, when nathan noticed someone in the driveway. A man had hit a dog, and long story short it was my Mac-y. :(

I haven't had a dry eye for longer than 5 min. You never really learn about your love for an animal until they're gone. I've still never seen nathan cry, but we made a special bed for Moose next to our last night and the two of us cried ourselves to sleep.

I tried work today, but in the hour that I was there, I spent more time in the bathroom cleaning up my face and the tear spots on my dress, that i was better off at home. Moose and I walked our route that we all three used to walk and he froliced down the road while i just kept wiping my face. Then, when we got back home I just spread out a blanket in the backyard and we just laid there.

I'm pretty sure Moose is ok, he's just lonely. We're planning on a play date with the dogs at Nathan's parent's house tonight. I think I'm so broken, because I didnt see it coming at all and I was having such a good weekend and then.... boom.

Ok, I'll stop. Here is my little photo memory of Mac...
I'll be fine tomorrow, just let me mope the rest of today....

When God builds my house in heaven, I know you'll be sitting on my front porch.

Love you Mac.