Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Blog o' Lists

My To- DONE List
  • All the old carpet is out of the house!  (I’m going to get some before/after pictures up soon)
  • Laminate floors in the kitchen and the dining room
  • Moved the washer & dryer down to the basement
  • Created a pantry in the kitchen
  • Sorted all of Ruthie’s clothes and organized them by size
  • Set up Ruthie’s big girl bed
  • Finished TONS of little projects around the house
  • Threw a successful baby shower this last weekend
  • Made some awesome animal hats for this year’s VBS
  • Finished sewing/hanging curtains in the living room

The To- Do List (get done before TL arrives)
  • Finish painting Ruthie’s dresser for her room (then Rue’s room will be READY!)
  • Get another Baby Monitor
  • Pay off Ruthie’s medical Bills (argh)
  • Wire lights and fans in rooms upstairs
  • Get AC officially working in the house (don’t worry…we aren’t HOT by any means!  But it would be nice if the central air was working)
  • Finish Ruthie’s One Year Photo Book
  • Deep Clean my car and the car seats
  • Finish Banister at the top of the stairs
  • Mount the baby gate at the top of the steps
  • Sew throw pillows
  • Hang pictures- pretty up the house
  • Fix Dryer….yea. It broke last night. 
  • Yeah…I still have some work to do at School.  Secretary how-tos for my sub and final bank statements for the fiscal year.

The Tessa Leigh Count Down
  • 2 Days- Last weekend home by myself with Rue.  Nate’s on a fishing trip
  • 4 Days- Last Public Outing.  Troy & Rachael’s wedding (Last time I have to look good J)
  • 11 Days- Ruthie leaves for her first trip w/o her parents.  Nathan’s parents are taking her on the family mission trip to Alabama
  • 19 Days- Tessa’s Due date…Now, Sunday, July 13 at 12noon.  I’ve learned my lesson to see that she’s going to arrive on that date.  She’ll prove me wrong. 

19 DAYS!! Holy Cow!  I look it though.  Nathan let me go get a pedicure the other day.  I haven’t been able to touch my feet in like…a week and a half, so it was much needed.  Ruthie and I have been enjoying our days off of school.  Lots of bubbles, and blueberries…we went to the pool, we watch thousands of episodes of Mickey Mouse Club House. 

Her new thing…singing.  All the time. To Mickey…Lots of Jesus Loves Me… ABCs…Caillou.  EVERYTHING!  We have also hit the stage where we are concerned about what things look like.  We have to have a particular juice glass.  She will bring me things to put in her hair…”Pretty,” she says and hands me a rubber band.  Food has to look good now or else she won’t eat it. 

I’m anxious/nervous for TL’s arrival and what Rue will do.  She will be excited with baby at the beginning, but then I think she’ll be like, “Ok mommy.  Take her back to where she came from so it’s just me again.” 
Oh the power of BUBBLES!

Playing with Uncle Jake's Helmet.  Those would be hands holding her up, b/c every time she moved, it was so heavy, she would fall over.