Friday, August 17, 2012

The Wineinger Calendar Countdown CORRECTED...

It is TRULY amazing how God's timing and our timing are SOOOOOOO off the chain different.  So please allow me to correct my previous post of dates...holy cow how things have changed!!!!

  • 47 days until Ruthie's due date (10/3)   Today Ruthie is 8 days old!  Yeah...  
    • Pre-eclamsia caused me to get admitted to the hospital last wednesday, and she arrived Thurs. evening via C-section.  I am so grateful that she is out and doing AWESOME! And grateful i didnt have to experience the last two gruesome months of pregnancy OR contractions... :)
    • She also shared a special day with her great Grandma Sue Yates who dies just 4 hours before her arrival.  We just know that Gma Sue gave her a kiss in Heaven before Ruthie came to us.  LOVE YOU GMA SUE!  
  • 22 days until my sweet cousin, Kelsey's wedding (9/8)  STILL GOOD! 
    • This will probably we Ruthie's first outing!  She will be a month old then!  WHAT??!?
  • 20 days until Bella's 1st B-day!  (9/6) 
    • again still good.  Her new trick this week...elephant sounds.  She's kind of a genius.
  • 14 days until we move into our new house! (9/1)
    • We closed on the house THIS MORNING!!!  Awesome!  I'm going over this weekend to take pictures and start the cleaning process!  And, now that im not preggers, I can actually help in the moving/painting process!  AWESOME!!!  
    • Ruthie's new room is gonna be so stinkin' cute...just sayin'
  • T-Minus a few hours until Nathan is lost in the obis of Pville football.  
    • they have the Maroon & White scrimmage game tonight.  Yeah he's all in now.  But don't you dare think he sacrifices Ruthie time for that!  Shoot!  He'll make your heart melt when you see them together.
It's sometimes all the time hard lesson for me to learn to trust in God and his timing.  I can EASILY say this is one of those humbling moments for us, Nate and I.  And now that things have fallen as they may, it makes so much more sense for things coming up why God wanted it this way.  

We got a letter in the mail from someone wishing us the best and welcoming the baby, but also saying this is a lot for our family right now with births and deaths and houses, but God gave you all of it at once first, b/c that was his will, but also b/c he wanted us to re-rely on Him for strength, faith, perseverance, **fill in the blank...**   So good to hear and be reassured of.  

PS.  Our first picture together... well, outside of the C-section room...  :)

And Gma D took this picture to show the world her red hair.  Hard to see in pic but DEFINITELY red!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Wineinger Calendar Countdown

  • 56 days until Ruthie’s due date (10/3) 
    • But of course there is that chance that she could come before or after that…I also haven’t had a shower yet so I’m slightly freaking out about what I still need. - 
  •  31 days until my sweet cousin, Kelsey’s wedding (9/8) 
    • Slightly humorous happening…my sister who will be 8 mo preg and myself who will be 9 mo preg are cutting the cake. Good luck on getting your hands on a slice! Hehehe 
  • 29 days until Bella’s 1st birthday! (9/6) 
    • Her b-day party is hot pink and zebra! Pretty much the cutest thing ever! 
  • 24 days until we move into our house (9/1) 
    • I can’t write too much about this yet, b/c I don’t want to jinx it, but don’t worry! I will fill you all in with pictures very soon! 
    • Take note: we have to DEEP CLEAN, de-nail, clean the carpets, paint, and install a fence before this day, too. AHHH!
  • 16 days until Princeville’s first football game. (8/26) 
    • Against Stark County…their biggest rivals. They are nervous but they are high school big boys so they won’t lead you to believe they’re nervous. So they’re tough and they’re gonna do great and this coach’s wife will hoot and howler for them! 
  • 10 days until the weekend of showers (Kelsey’s bridal- 8/18, My baby- 8/19) 
    • Super excited to celebrate with Kels! I’m in charge of games which is one of my favorite parts! And my shower… I will finally have a little peace of mind once I have some baby items. 
  • 1 day until Pville football HELL WEEK! (Tomorrow) 
    • I have already become somewhat of what we call a “coach’s widow” what with weight lifting and some practices. But come tomorrow, the next time I will see my husband will be…well…not sure…maybe the day Ruthie’s born???