Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Big Cheer for God AMAZING Timing!

I got the great news that my house will be done THIS WEEK! I will probably be moving in next weekend! I slightly can't believe it. Mostly because my room isn't packed at all. But also b/c of God timing and all. Here are some pictures of before and half way through. I will have move in pictures up after next week.

Many times when I tell people about my house, I am mostly just really excited about it and don't get to talk about what a great joy it will be.  As much as I want this to be a place to call my own (as much as a renter can call someplace home) I want my home to be a safe place...a place where my church kids can come when they need something to do, a place they feel safe and a place that God can ultimately use for His purposed! I have waited so long for a place like this and God has answered my prayers, and although at times, i may not want to allow God to have my house, it is not mine to withhold.  So, God, here in front of all these bloggers, and everyone that desires to keep me accountable, I promise to glorify you with this house. It is yours.   Just don't drink out of the milk jug and use chip clips!  :) No, but seriously, Thank you for your oh so perfect, but sometimes misunderstood, timing.  I say all this, not to toot my own horn, but so that all of you guys make sure that I don't fall on my promise to God.  

So my new fluffy, black adopted son that is coming to my house on Feb. 25th ish is doing well so far.  His name choices have come down to these 5:
1. Quincy (Thanks Alyssa. (She's three and loves Little Einsteins.))
2. Mac (Apple, fav McD burger, and he will be as big as a mac truck)
3. Zeus (Largeness)
4. Samson (From the Bible; Strength and Size)
5. Back-up (Thanks Tricia! "I need Back-Up!")

I am going to do that crazy, animal lover thing and ask the dog what he wants his name to be.  They say (and don't ask me who they are) that if you say the names to your animal they may respond better to ones over the others.  I have already purchased his collar, leash, and some treats.  Mom said bring towels to rub on the mother for the first few days that he's home, and I also have the "Puppy Raising and Training Diary for Dummies."  I want to do this right.  And if you know me well, you know reading for me is almost non existent.... well.... in lo of the puppy, I feel it necessary to ready Marly and Me... (Thanks for the idea shan!) that and I want to read the book before I see the movie.  Marly and Quincy/Mac/Zeus/Samson/Back-up are basically gonna look the same only one will be black!  Oh goodness.  Ok.  

If you have any other tips, let me know! I'm getting back to reading.    

Monday, January 12, 2009

Forrest's New Brother!!!

He is due to arrive at my NEW house on Elmwood February 25. His mom is a golden retriever and his dad is a black lab. He is black in color and pretty much the best thing ever even though I haven't met him. I am absolutely thrilled and I will keep you as updated as possible and a get a real picture of him up soon.

But I NEED HELP! I cant think of a great name. I was thinking Security... cant you just picture me opening the door, "Security!" I thought that was funny...I need suggestions.... Ok.. off to go study Daniel. Peace out!!