Sunday, October 27, 2013

Insta-Funday Sunday: Lite Edition

I really need to work on remembering to take pictures everyday for this.  

So here is the IFS LITE edition...

My love notes to my handsome bou...

A great night!  And some awesome pictures to show for the day!
Courtney Marie Photography 

Had to entertain this diva today at Menards.  Quite a challenge.
T- Minus 24 hours until Football season is done!  Who is cheering as loud as I am!?!?!?  
Happy Hollow Week!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Insta-Funday Sunday: Sportsmens Addition

Kind of all over the place this week.  Story of our lives lately!

Insta-Funday Sunday and a weekly post where I some of my favorite instagram pix of the week.  Lately, it's been all of them.

New member of our family.  I made Nathan lock the car for the fist
 time since we bought it today :)

Nathan's first ever geese.
I named them, Christmas & Thanksgiving

Rue got a new seat this week!  Training to be the next race car
driver.  I catch her laughing randomly.  

We bought this in anticipation of Nathan's upcoming
successful hunting season.  No pressure, honey...
So have a wonderful week!  It's the last week of high school football (for those of us not going to playoffs).  It's going to be a sweater week.  Soaking in these wonder-FALL weeks!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ruthie's First Rodeo

Rue can officially say,  "Well this ain't my first Rodeo..."  because today was.  :)

A dear friend of ours got crowned, or should I say Buckled, Miss Rodeo Illinois.  

Kate Perry, Miss Rodeo Illinois, everyone....

We also saw lots of hurt cowboys!  One with a dislocated shoulder, one was still hooked to a strap and got spun around by the bull two or three times.  CRAZY people pay to do this, really.  

Ruthie was a hoot.  She really liked watching the horses.  And her boots were pretty cool.  

And a good time was had by all!  Congrats Katie!!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

InstaFunday Sunday

I would apologize for this being so late, but i wont b/c instead, Ruthie and I got a three hour nap!!!  (Slightly unreal!!)

InstaFunday Sunday is a post every Sunday of week in Instagram-ize!  Sometimes uneventful..sometimes still uneventful..  Link up if you want, but i like documenting my life and Rue's greatness this way.

I got these and they were suprisingly good.  Nothing like the originals, but the blood orange was tasty!

Love it when the hubby brings home free stuff. :)

Layla & Bella had a combined 1st and 2nd bday party. It was pretty adorable!
Austin and Madison are still talking about their new pet fish.
Got have a goldfish for a Cat in the Hat party!

 Only three, but three good ones!  Hope all you school kids enjoy your day off tomorrow!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

When I Grow Up, I Wanna Be...


I love everything about the community of blogging.  I follow a handful of people who blog lots, and make a living off of it.  How awesome!  To get paid for something you love to do! Here are a few of my blogs that I DEARLY love.

**I have discovered through this post, that I am apparently drawn to redheads, those out west, and people named lindsay.  Maybe because i can relate to them, or i want to be them.  Either/Or really.**

This is Emily.  She is from Southern Idaho with 3 (almost 4) kids.  She blogs about LOTS!  Love her beauty posts, plus DIYs, mix tapes, photography, etc.  She has an Etsy shop where she sells stuff she sews.  She's gorgeous and redheaded...Might i add...thin red hair.  Hmm.  All-together, love following. should already know.  I am this woman when she was 27.  Her name is Ree.  She was bound to be a city girl but married an cattle rancher.  Now, she lives in the hills of Oklahoma with her 4 kids which she home schools (what?!), she writes books (about her awesome dogs), and cooks.  She has cook books and tv shows and cows, and GREATNESS! I wanna be REE!  She is a woman of faith and family and values who raises her kids with everything she has!  Just awesome.  Oh, and have you ever heard of Tasty Kitchen??  Yeah.  Thanks her too.  

This is Lindsey.  She plus her 3 kids and husband live in SoCal.  I dont remember how I found her, but I follow her solely for her creativity and AWESOME ideas!  I love her house.  I did a painting that she did that I get tons of compliments on.  She is also the blogger where I snatched the idea of Insta-Funday Sunday, athough her's is instaFriday.  I just work during the week, so I moved it to Sunday.  

Meet Joy.  She's a baker.  :)  As you can guess, I generally go to her for food.  But I like reading her blog also, because she goes into the science of stuff.  Like this post helped me last week...Baking Soda vs Baking Powder.  She's from LA by the beach.  She also types like me.  Slightly sarcastic and pretty frank.  Awesome.

I have to figure out where I want to go here.  Can I have a successful blog without selfies, make-up tutorials, stylish (expensive) outfits, so much baking???  You know, generally if I could just paid for doing what I love that would be great.  Can you work on that?  

Well, happy Friday, kids!  I'm off to go celebrate my nieces!  Thing 1 turned two in September and Thing 2 turns 1 here shortly.  (It's Dr. Seuss:)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Insta-Funday Sunday: Week 2

I have a blog in the works, but still typing...In the mean time....


...a post every sunday where i re-live my week through instagrams from the week... link to my post if you wanna!!

Last Saturday- with Great Gma Nan & Great GREAT Gma Billie!
That would be 5 generations!

When we're tired and it's not 8pm yet...BATHTIME!!

Homecoming Game- Multi-cultural Club was doing Henna Tattoos

I catered at this wedding last night.  BEAUTIFUL!
Everything hand made!

Great week.  Delightfully uneventful yet busy.