Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The First 16 Weeks...

The Hard Stuff...

  • I have not had coffee in over 90 caffeine for that matter.  I still think about it every morning.
  • The baby flu-  I lost a grand total of 13 lbs. Some may find this GREAT! but I just have started gaining weight with in the last 4 days.  I was generally fearful.  
  • Being SOOO tired.  I was ready for bed last night and it was still light outside.
  • Heart burn...I have been pretty fortunate to not have to deal with much sickness or digestive problems.  Tums and we're like this!
  • Brushing my teeth...nathan finds this slightly humorous...generally, gagging is NOT humorous.
  • I can't leave the dishes more than a day or else the smell is just bad enough that i gag the whole time.  I confess, I have worn a nose plug doing dishes.  
  • My brother-in-laws/future brother-in-laws/Boss/any other male in my life who teases me who says I'm "milking it."  I could slap you right now, and no one would bat an eye..."hormones," they'd say.  And I would play right along!  
The AWESOME Stuff...
  • I can't/shouldn't change the litter box.  Nathan tried hard to get rid of the cat, but i told him he couldn't cause me stress b/c i was pregnant.
  • I gag every time i take care of the dogs, so Nathan took over doing that as well...only when i'm really brave or i really want to impress him do I find my nose plug and forge through...
  • That whole, CREATING A HUMAN THING!  That's pretty sweet!
  • I've starting looking at my reflection in buildings and things out and public and's just different than looking in the mirror at home.  Makes it more real.
  • I get LOTS of Sleep.  (Well, lots of time to sleep...i toss and turn alot for comfort sake)
  • Maternity Leave...need I say more. 
  • This may be TMI but let's get boobs fit my clothes!  Awesome!
  • I can get away with not buttoning my one else knows, but i do.  :)
  • I have lots of people around me that I can ask questions.  LOTS!  
  • The gushy stuff...right before bed at night when Nathan puts his hand over on my tummy.  I cried the first time he did that...extra emotions, ya know.  Now i just smile.  
  • The butterfly flutters.  He/She's not big enough yet to flat out kick me, but I def feel movement.
  • My change in diet.  Besides my crazing for morning hash browns, im eating tons of fruit, almonds, cheese, lots of water, granola, good carbs, an occasional bowl of ice cream, but nothing too fatty or greasy!  
  • My perspective in life is changing hard core.  I'll be the first to admit im pretty self centered.  How are things going to affect me?  I can definitely see a shift in perspective...what about Nathan, the Baby, the family...
  • I CAN NOT WAIT for my baby to know Jesus! For the learning and the questions!  I dont know how prepared I'll be, but I'm def. excited!  
I know there's tons more...but these things stick out the most.  The Awesome stuff outweighs the bad right now a gazillion to 1.  I'll try to post belly pictures soon...but im still in the fat stage...not looking pregnant yet. 

I stayed up a little late last night thinking about the child birthing process...(I swear if you could read my  thoughts like I read Katniss Everdeens, you'd not stop laughing...her and Petaa are what i though about after this) freaking about the pain and the needles.  I've decided that I HAVE to tell the doc that I CAN NOT see the epidural needle.  And if I do see it, then i'm screwed b/c then I wont want it but then I'll be even more scared b/c of all the pain to come.  Then i doze off and dream I'm a bodyguard in the Hunger Games, and then i wake up thinking about that... humorous.  And last week, dreams about buffalo attacking people and me losing Daniel Monahan's non-existent dog and missing a class and calculators...oh the dreams.  

Man, I've got to stop.  I am all over the place!  Needless to say pregnancy is so entertaining in my head, yet slightly uneventful on the outside.