Thursday, May 29, 2008

Figuring it out...

So I am in Nashville.... crazy I know. I've been here two weeks tomorrow and it still only feels like a day or two. I'm missing everyone alot lately...all the girls from C'dale, my family, my love. I am one to embrace change, I am, but i guess i just wasn't expecting it to just be like..BHAM! SLAM! CHANGE! I feel like i am handling it well for such an abrupt turn-about.

My apartment...well... I got new carpet which was awesome! bathroom door is a slidding curtian, there was no lock on my sliding glass door. Our shower didn't work for a day, the cabinet below our sink was rotted through, the light was out in the dark alley where our door is, and these last few days we found a leak that was coming from our upstairs neighbor's leaky tub pipes. Everything but the leak has been fixed so far. Every time we tell someone where we live they are like..."Ohhhhh... you live there!?.. Do you feel safe?!" So apparently we live in a kind of shady part of town. We havent had cable yet either. We've been playing phone tag with the cable man for when is a good time for him to come over. We've been watching DVD's on our computers and just hoping there is no big alerting news.

My roommate, Kelsey, is a doll! We are basically the same person when it comes to everything except for beans, chocolate and vanilla, anxiety, cars, and hair color. We cooked when we got bored last week. This weekend we are planning on making a trip into downtown so we can get some decretive pictures for the apt. Another big difference.... i have a duke shirt and she is from the UNC... i'm not really sure i have permission to wear it.

The job at the record label is pretty cool. We are updating and creating social networking pages for all of the artists under the INO Label. We do mail-outs that are crazy time consuming... We've meet really awesome people! Tonight, we were invited to a fund raising dinner for a local radio station where we were fed dinner and then it was a Third Day concert. Last week, Kelsey got to go on a photo shoot with Building 429. and I get to go on when in the middle of June. Philips Craig and Dean... dont tell Dad... its gonna be a little surprise for fathers day.

Target is cool. All i do for 5 hours at a time is ring people up at target. There are so many people... I have fun just creating stories for all the different people that come in. We have probably more fun then we should, but i cant get bored. The discount is great... but i dont think i've worked yet where i havent bought something... mind you...its usually a soda....but still. Yesterday i got a record player for $9! I know its pretty sweet!

As far a me personally... i'm doing alright. I'm looking for guidance daily about where to go to chuch. We went to one last week and I could feel God saying that he didnt need me there. I really want to find somewhere though where i can get plugged in. Kelsey makes fun of me all the time because i have to be doing something... and it's true... im usually doing dishes or cleaning, or creating something or cooking... i really never sit and relax... i think i'm almost kind of scared to... i'll start thinking too much and miss people.... I talk to nathan every night and i'm slowly dying inside to think that i have no idea when i get to see him again. I'm not sure if this is just a girl thing for girls with boyfrinds.. but im getting worried that i might gain this streak of womanly independance and i almost dont want that because i will always need nathan. or i guess i should say that i dont ever what to be ok without him. do you know what i mean??

Forrest is doing well.. she has made a couple friends with the cats that come up to the window out side. At nights we will catch her running from my window to the sliding glass door in the living room and then back to my window... she's not used to so little human contact so shes super anxious to see us when we come home. I'll take pictures and put them up soon.. it's just that the place isnt complete and i want it to look how its supposed to.

please come and visit me. I miss everyone. Nathan said i sound quieter and more sad on the phone. I dont mean to i think im just slowly getting lonely...