Sunday, October 16, 2011

Meet Hummer...

There's a new man in my life.  He's dark and handsome.  He has beautiful brown eyes, great shiny black hair.  He's kinda thin, not my type, but nothing a few hardy meals cant handle.  He loves long walks and and back rubs.  And Nathan even likes him too!!

Isn't he sooo cute?!??!  I went and picked him up in a small town outside of springfield.  When I pulled up, the lady, Patty, who I adopted him from, runs a shelter and he was her 30ish dog she's helped.  She had a great story.  We split a couple slim jims and drove home...he snored alot... I'll take that as he was comfortable.  :)  It took a good day, but Hummer & Moose are like kibbles and bits!  They sleep together, they play together, they just love being by each other.  He is the sweetest dog too. He doesnt jump too much, he loves feet.  He'll lay at your feet until you pet his belly and then he'll just lay there content... Moose doesnt understand that concept yet.  These two are more like Labra-dude and Labra-dork, but I believe this is the start of so many stories to come.