Monday, September 8, 2014

Here's the Beef...

So I'm helping my darling husband out...He/we have taken on a whole different endeavor of selling a cow a little differently.  Normally we sell them in quarters, halves & whole cows (rarely).  This time we butchered a whole cow and are selling it in cuts that people want.

Ever wanted to know how much freezer space a whole cow takes up??  A LOT!!!

Now, about our cows, you've met Ginger.  Yeah, well, she's come and gone.  But we buy our cows about 1 year old or so and we set them out to pasture.  Then they get to about the size we want them, we finish them with corn, hay & gluten.  Gluten is a corn byproduct...not the stuff that people are allergic to, but something that's apart of corn when it's broken down for other things.  Cows think it's candy and eat it like crazy.  Gives 'em the chubs.

So here's the deal...would you like to buy some beef?!?! Below I'm gonna list the cuts & the per pound pricing.  Then you can fb, call me or nate or contact me any other way and you can get some BEEEEEF!!!

Ok, here we go...
- Round Steak- $6.50/lb
-T-Bone Steak- $10/lb
-Ribeye Steak- $10.90/lb
-Rolled Rump Roast- $6/lb
-Chuck Roast- $6.40/lb
-Sirloin Tip Roast- $7/lb
-Arm Roast- $6.50/lb
-Short Ribs- $4/lb
-Stew Meat- $6.70/lb
-Beef for Swissing- $5.50/lb
-Brisket- $7.50/lb
-Flank- $7.50/lb
-Skirt Steak- $7/lb
-Filet- $17/lb
-Ground Beef- $4/lb (we have over 100lb of this so buy as much as you want!)

**Prices set off of USDA weekly beef retail activity & a trip to wal-mart to see their prices.  These prices are good for this cow. They may change when next cow is butchered**

If you are interested in any of the organ meat (i get queezy thinking about it) -- heart, liver, tongue, oxtail -- let me know and we can chat about it.

Otherwise, look forward to hearing from your,
Mrs. Lindsay Wineinger
Director of Sales at N. Wineinger Farms :)