Sunday, December 26, 2010

I know, I know... it sounds all ooshy gooshy... but it's so true. The last thing Cathy told me at work before I want home Christmas Eve afternoon was, "Cherish this Christmas! You will miss it and the two of you will have so much fun."

So I did my best.. and even if it wasnt my best, I was GREAT!

When I got home, Nathan was out plowing the absolutely gorgeous 6 in of snow we got that day, getting all the church parking lots ready for their Christmas Eve services. I got to church early for HOPE practice and slowly others filled in. Nathan had to sing in the choir (which is so sweet) so i oogled at him while we sang the first little bit. After the choir was done with "What a tiny Little Baby?," he came down and sat by me. Now for each, his own, i understand, but I know i feel the holy spirit when i get all chocked up randomly...and at that moment when he settled in, I had that chocked up moment where I realized I was surrounded by people I love. The Bakers with little Andrew 4 year old with his bow tie on, the McGarrahs right behind us, Steve with his arm around Pam in front of was just a Christmas moment where God just proved his blessings... Then Dad read Joel's message (b/c joel was really sick). I'm sorry to say that i dont remember all of it :), but there was one point where Dad had something in his throat and I thought he was crying. As a daughter of a man who rarely cries, tears started coming. Then he cleared his throat and I wiped my eyes pathetically.

We had soup at the Yates Christmas eve with family and after, Nathan and Josh needed to plow one more church that had an 11pm service. So I GOT TO EXPERIENCE MY FIRST PLOW! It was terribly frightening bc they fly, the memory was fun.

As we were driving from one job to another over on the south side, I said something totally profound...don't know where it came from, but i said, "Even the worst of Peoria look better under a blanket of snow." Then of course I got all weepy again and remembered how grateful I was for Nathan and our family and Jesus.

And then the last weepy part... after Christmas Brunch with Mom and Dad Christmas Morning, I made Nathan take me up to fondulac drive to the view point where you can see all of peoria. It was snowy and clear and just beautiful. All I could think about was...Home. And there it was right in front of me.

We got wonderful gifts and ate wonderful food, but the best part of the whole weekend, was taking in the memory of my first christmas with my husband.

God is also beginning to reveal out Africa adventure. I have a new graph! It's EXTREMELY promising and encouraging.

I MUST sleep, but i wanted to get those memories down. I know most will find them bored and possibly feel ill by the end, but i selfishly need the just hit the "X." :)