Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Cleaning...TAKE IT!!!

So, I've begun spring cleaning/nesting/GET THIS STUFF OUT OF MY HOUSE-ing!  Nathan had a dump trailer at the house a few weeks ago, and i just pointed and he took.  If it was his choice, he would have just burned all this stuff, but I know some people might want it, and it was given to me, so I want to make sure it gets up-cycled!

If you see it and want it, leave a comment, or tell me on FB!  I will either do my best to bring it to you, or set up a time where we can make the exchange.  Obviously the sooner the better! And I will travel :)  

**Please, PLEASE don't be offended if you gave me some of this stuff, and now I'm giving it away...It has served its purposes in the many houses I've been in, I'm just at a place in life & home where i need the space.**  
So here we go... 

I painted this white (semi-gloss) and i have white/red/teal glass handles that i bought to put on the fronts...but never have.  

A black decor piece i had above my bed when i lived in Peoria.  It has a wall hanger thing on the back.

A twin bed head and foot board.  can be painted.

TV works great...we just don't need it.

The reason why I am giving this away, is because it will probably take some money to get new pads and whatnot put on it.  I LOVED this thing.  It's great for middle schoolers wanting to try it for the first time.  

Shoe rack that goes over the door. 

We got two of these as a wedding present.  Never been out of the box.

Works great, but we are getting out of the desktop stage.  No use for it now...

I'M NOT GIVING FORREST AWAY...although, Nathan might want me to... the lamp shades.  If you want measurements, let me know.  I used the small one on a small decorative lamp and the large one on a swivel lamp.  

There is a sewing machine inside of this.  Beautiful finish..nice antique piece.

Big ole' heavy mirror.  I painted the frame was also in my bedroom in Peoria. The back cardboard is coming off, but could be easily secured. 

We acquired these with the house, but we don't have a pool table.  I'm not even sure if they are clue.

This is an old washboard I bought at a garage sale for $5.

I will wipe this off for you...just a black shelf thing. guessed it...a vase. 

This i bought for the back of my's a bike rack...I took my bike to and from school.  It wont work on the back of my SUV now.  

I have two of these chairs.  Again...i will wipe them off for you. :)  Nice...just don't match anything i have. 

A Scent thing..Christmas/Winter.  I got it as a gift and used it once. 

CD rack...don't need it anymore.

My college ladies will remember this... :) The thirst extinguisher...I broke Cousin Amy's so I got her a new this one doesnt have that center column, but we discovered that if you put ice in bags and duct tape it to the sides it works!  HAHAHA! :)

I bought this desk on Craigslist 2 years ago.  But this is going to be Ruthie's room and we dont really need a desktop anymore.  Please take it and use it to your hearts content...

Dont judge me by my messy house...we're cleaning/arranging (and these pics were taken RIGHT after i got my new carpet).  Again, I will clean what you want me to clean, and bring you what you want.  Just message/comment!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Eagle Bows it's Solemn Head Tonight...

I want to preface this post (because prefacing is one of my OTHER spiritual gifts) by saying that what I am about to post is my opinion.  I do not want to portray anything as fact unless I reference something from a source and say that it is in fact, a fact.  I am going to be talking about Dunlap and all of its glory, so if you get easily twerked or bothered by this topic I would high encourage you to LOOK AWAY!  SHIELD YOUR EYES! DON’T DO IT!!

This could also be semi boring for some of my blog readers…. Sorry about that…

Sunday, March 16, 2014

2-Part Blog: Insta-Funday Sunday & The Blog Snob

Part 1: Insta- Funday Sunday

I haven't done this in SOOO long and I had some really good pictures backed up.  Let's see how consistent I can be with this again.  .

And go.

We say, "Ruthie...YODA!"  and this is what she does.  We sent this one morning while Daddy was plowing to cheer him up.

Wild Ginger Project:  I did these for my dear friend, Megan, and I loved how they turned out...stay tuned for the wedding them more.  But I'll let her debut them.  

I lost this battle a week or so ago.  I told her she was too big.  She disagreed and this is how I found her eating breakfast.

I posted this a week-ish ago kind of proud yet slightly ashamed at how tall my clean dishes stack was.  

And this loveliness was yesterday at Panera.  Nathan had to clean up the shopping center that Panera was in so we took advantage if the trip to Peoria and had some morning giggles with apple juice, fruit & Dr. Seuss.  

Part 2: The Blog Snob

It’s been a dream of mine to become a pro blogger, but Nathan and I were talking yesterday about an acquaintance of ours that is a local blogger and he/she has begun to act differently because of some success she/he has had.  Now, I have not experienced this first hand, and I find this person very pleasant and I semi relate to and kind of envy him/her in many ways.  Although, I could see how it is TOTALLY possible.  Even on here, all I do is talk about myself, my kid (almost plural), my job/side graphic stuff (almost as shameless advertising), and well…everything about me and what I do/have done. 

So this is me blogging about how I need to revaluate why I blog. HA  (Click "Read More" to keep going.  If you don't want to see my rant, scroll up and look at Ruthie again.  It's ok...I do it all the time)