Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wecipe Wednesday: Apple Week Edition

Part One:  "I Declare this APPLE WEEK!"

So I've been feeling realllly boarder line depressed.  (Yeah, I'll be transparent.) Ruthie is all in on the "terrible twos."  There's nothing stopping her.  Tess is officially out of the newborn "sleep all the time" stage and is in the coo-ing and "look how cute I am/talk to me" stage.

Those two stages mixed together + dirty house + football coach husband + LOTS o' laundry + work + *enter whatever else you want here* = the guilty failure feeling of a mother that I have become.

Now I know I'm not a failure, but the guilt that I was feeling of being a working mom and not taking care of my own children (Julie, I love you...I couldn't ask for a better sitter) was laid on thick.  AND, I was getting anxious and upset about my dirty house, so I hired a cleaning lady (Heather, you're my hero).  Those combined have been tearing me apart.  Like I was incapable of being a mom/wife.  And icing on the cake was that Nathan hasn't really been home at all with football practices and games.  We agreed to it, so I'm not upset with him, but it adds, ya know...

So, Ashley (aka Ashes aka Sister in Law) asked if we wanted to go to Tanners Apple Orchard here near us and I thought it was perfect.  Ruthie is at the perfect age where she will enjoy the animals and Tess is still at the "take me anywhere as long as I'm strapped into the Moby and warm" stage...(wow, I didn't know until I starting typing how many stages there are:).

So here are some of our favoritest pictures from the festivities.

She liked the llamas the best, but she only wanted to feed them one pellet at a time, and they weren't too happy about that.

I see one of these in her near future.  She would have done this 10 more times. 

Slides...if there was a swing set with 4 different slides on it, that would be Ruthie's.

APPLE PICKING!  I love this one, because of Tess looking at the apple.  

This was a slight issue, but we were pretty leanent.  Every time Rue would pick an apple, she would want to take a bite of out it.  I brought one or two home like that.  

She made my heart so happy with how much fun she had.  

It was the perfect antitdote for my aching heart.  Ruthie was happy...Tess was content and I got to spend quality time with my girls. 

Part Two: Wecipie Wednesday, Apple Pies

In continuation of Apple Week, I made apple pies.  We are having a potluck at school tomorrow, and I just happen to have a TON of apples from this weekend. 

I ended up making two different apple pies.  Via Facebook, I went with the peoples' choice and made a crunch top apple pie.  Then, when Nathan heard that I was making apple pie and not keeping any here at home, I decided to cut up a few extra apples and make the Pioneer Woman's Flat Apple Pie (Thanks, Ree!)

*Attempting food blogging again…

I would have to say that apple pie is one of my favorite pies to make, because of this...

God Bless this WONDERFUL tool!  I can peel and core 8 apples in 5 minutes!  I used 8 golden delicious apples, but it's recomended that you use Granny Smiths and Fujis for their tartness.  My pies will definitely not be short on sweetness.  

And it makes the PERFECT size apples!  I then added 4 T of flour, 3/4 c. brown sugar, 2 T lemon juice, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon and about 1/8 tsp of salt.  

NOTE:  Don't throw these away immediately.  You will need something to snack on after you're famished from putting the pies together, and something to feed your daughter when she comes in a million times asking, "What you do-een, Mommy?"

Yes, I cheated and used frozen pie crust.  Maybe when I have a four year old, I'll make my own again, but not happening tonight.  I dished 2/3 of the apples into the pie crust making the middle a little taller.  I cut up 3 T of real butter and randomly placed them over the apples.  Then, in another bowl, I cut together, 1/4 c. brown sugar, 1/8 c. white sugar, 1/4 c. flour, about 1/8 c. rolled oats, 1/8 c. chopped pecans and 1/4 tsp of cinnamon with 3 T of butter. 

Then I evenly distributed it across the top of the pie and placed in a preheated oven at 425 degrees for 10 min.  Then, I knocked the temp down to 350 and finished it out for another 35 minutes.  If you notice the crust getting too brown, take it out and lightly cover it with foil.  Works like a champ.

Then, I had one extra dough roll and about 3 c. of apples.  Easy solution...Ree makes these Flat Apple Pies that are soooo easy and very portable if you need them on the go.  I opened up the dough on my pizza stone (i use it for WAY more than just pizza) and rolled it out so I could get an extra few inches on each side.  

Then i put the rest of the apples in the center, put 4-5 one inch cubes of butter over the apples and starting folding up the sides over the apples.  It doesnt have to look pretty, It looks so rustic and yummy and home made looking!  

Then, I just put it in the oven.  It cooked at 375 for about 30 minutes.  Basically, you just cook it to the doneness of the color of the crust you like.  


Um...I'm eating this right now, and beside having a burnt tongue because I cant stop, it's AMAZING.

My yummy apple pie...If I work with you, I hope you enjoy during lunch tomorrow.  If I could send you the smell in my house right now, I totally would.

Oh, how I love cooking...especially extremely yummy things.  


Burnt Tongue

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Insta-Funday Sunday (is back!! )

I know...I know...  It's been a long time!  But I'm coming back with a vingence! 

We went out to help Nathan check his deer cameras and got an absolutely fabulous sunset in the process.  Country life at it's finest...that and praying he didn't pop one of my tires by driving through the corn field. 

Us doing our very best to stay warm (and entertained) at Daddy's football game.

Our trip to Tanners for the year!  We loved the llamas & slides...lots more pictures to be posted soon. 

At a Miss Rodeo Illinois trap shoot for the one and only Katie Perry! Got all the shotgun shells I could ever dream of.  My Pinterest brain is going crazy! 
(if you saw my Pinterest board you might see my obsession)

Be watching facebook... More pictures to be posted of this weekend festivities! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Here's the Beef...

So I'm helping my darling husband out...He/we have taken on a whole different endeavor of selling a cow a little differently.  Normally we sell them in quarters, halves & whole cows (rarely).  This time we butchered a whole cow and are selling it in cuts that people want.

Ever wanted to know how much freezer space a whole cow takes up??  A LOT!!!

Now, about our cows, you've met Ginger.  Yeah, well, she's come and gone.  But we buy our cows about 1 year old or so and we set them out to pasture.  Then they get to about the size we want them, we finish them with corn, hay & gluten.  Gluten is a corn byproduct...not the stuff that people are allergic to, but something that's apart of corn when it's broken down for other things.  Cows think it's candy and eat it like crazy.  Gives 'em the chubs.

So here's the deal...would you like to buy some beef?!?! Below I'm gonna list the cuts & the per pound pricing.  Then you can fb, call me or nate or contact me any other way and you can get some BEEEEEF!!!

Ok, here we go...
- Round Steak- $6.50/lb
-T-Bone Steak- $10/lb
-Ribeye Steak- $10.90/lb
-Rolled Rump Roast- $6/lb
-Chuck Roast- $6.40/lb
-Sirloin Tip Roast- $7/lb
-Arm Roast- $6.50/lb
-Short Ribs- $4/lb
-Stew Meat- $6.70/lb
-Beef for Swissing- $5.50/lb
-Brisket- $7.50/lb
-Flank- $7.50/lb
-Skirt Steak- $7/lb
-Filet- $17/lb
-Ground Beef- $4/lb (we have over 100lb of this so buy as much as you want!)

**Prices set off of USDA weekly beef retail activity & a trip to wal-mart to see their prices.  These prices are good for this cow. They may change when next cow is butchered**

If you are interested in any of the organ meat (i get queezy thinking about it) -- heart, liver, tongue, oxtail -- let me know and we can chat about it.

Otherwise, look forward to hearing from your,
Mrs. Lindsay Wineinger
Director of Sales at N. Wineinger Farms :)