Friday, December 26, 2008

Picture #4

I was tagged into this fun game Shannon and Dani like 2 mo ago... and i just found it... sorry guys...

The Instructions:

1. Choose the 4th picture folder on my computer

2. Choose the 4th picture

3. Explain the picture

4. Tag 4 other bloggers

This is my sister a about a year or so after i was born in her favorite dress. I was taking a picture of a picture b/c i didnt have a scanner and i wanted to do a present that i never ended up making. hm.

I am sorry... i think i was the last one to do this... so there's no one to tag.

Happy Birthday Jesus

This Christmas season I was completely reminded day after day of how blessed I am. First by my job, psh.. holy cow is that awesome! and then with our party it st. louis. those girls were/are amazing! we could have stayed and talked easily a second day without running out of things to say. sometimes after talking to people and hearing their situations, i just get more and more greatful. i have an amazing set of future inlaws, a rock star boyfriend...(which i found out very quickly how much i take for granted the feeling of being with someone), an amazing, too clean home now, and an awesome future home. The fab five are kickin' it strong at avanti's! I get to see God working daily, and boy, do i take advantage of that. lol i think this was all supposed to happen around thanksgiving, but christmas will work.

i got this amazing text from my dear friend rhychell... her daughter was saying Merry Christmas... this is for u shan, b/c ur not getting texts right now

The excitement of christmas...
I got a heating blanket! and Nathan got me a dog. We havent picked it out yet (haha got ya) but i will come spring. I will have pictures of my house up soon. I will do before and afters... ps. im moving into a house in Peoria b/c Jesus and I think it will be valuable for our youth group.

Next post will have more direction.. im scatter-brained right now.. i just really wanted Ryiah's picture up!