Monday, July 23, 2012

Deep in the HEART of Texas...

So Mission Serve 2012...What a week!

I can basically understand why so many people thought I was crazy for going.  I officially believe I was.  But I would have done it again.  What a blast...*sigh.*

Our days consisted of waking up at 4am, baking muffins and scrambling an extremely large amount of eggs.  Then we would prepare a main dish like biscuits and gravy or french toast, etc.  Monday 4am was fine.  We were focused...had some minor hick-ups we worked through, but by Thursday I was rapping and Friday we were pretty much laughing dead zombies just walking around the kitchen.  Very entertaining, I'm sure, to watch.  After breakfast we would plan our shopping trips for the day to get everything we need for dinner and for breakfast the next morning so the cycle would start again.  Restaurant Depot was usually our first stop.  It was like Sam's only even BIGGER quantities.  Their freezer section was actually about 1/3 of their store where you would borrow a coat and walk into this floor-to-ceiling door where the temp would drop to about 45 degrees and there was your frozen food and refrigerated meat.  Mind-blowing really...  Then we would head to Sams for things in slightly smaller quantities, then Wal-mart for bananas and a few small things (more for us and personal shopping), and then Aldi's for our baking ingredients that we didn't need much of at all.   Then we would head home, take and hour-ish nap, wake up, and start the dinner festivities.

Our menu:

  • Sunday Night: Spaghetti
  • Monday Morning: Biscuits & Gravy
    Dinner: Pulled Pork & Corn on the cob
  • Tuesday Morning: Pancakes
    Dinner: Chicken Nuggets & Mac 'n Cheese (More like Chez with some noodles- YUM)
  • Wednesday Morning: French Toast
    Wednesday was Free nite at the Historic Stock Yards in Fort Worth
  • Thursday Morning: Biscuits & Gravy
    Dinner: Homemade Pizza
  • Friday Morning: Smorgasbord- Leftover B&G, Egg Casseroles, and Pancakes
    Dinner: The church made us TRUE Mexican Fajitas!  YUM!!
Here is the crew.  Those pans would be stacks of chicken nuggets waiting for the oven on Tuesday nite.  
L to R: Emily, Wendy, Troy, Dad aka Mark, Stacy, Me & Sue.  Pretty stellar team!

The hard stuff...Ruthie hit a growth spurt while we were there.  I grew out of 2 pairs of pants that I had tried on and packed.  My bathroom routine in the middle of the night was slightly difficult in that I had to walk a good distance to the nearest loo.  My ankles turned into small pork tenderloins.  I could work for long periods of time and they wouldnt bother me, I would just look down and be like, "Holy Cow, I should prob sit down."  

Dallas was about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than home everyday, so heat really wasnt a problem.  And the only time I would go outside was for shopping trips and lunch.  

I also left part of my heart in TX.  My dear Tricia MG has moved to Dallas for Seminary.  She is one of those wonderful ladies that keeps me grounded and reminds me that I'm still a girl besides being a wife and soon a mom.  Without her, I feel like an adult.  With her i feel like a girl.  I will miss her terribly.... TERRIBLY!  Love you, Tricia!

I love seeing my husband serve Jesus.  If we could get paid to do this the rest of our lives that would be amazing.  We was resilient under an almost impossible job, petty criticism, he ran in 4pm Dallas heat (slightly crazy), and he still checked on me every night to see how I was holding up. What a man.  

I become a football widow now that we are home.  Practices start every night this week.  Fall has basically begun.  We also had GREAT news that we bought our first house.  I'll post about that soon! VERY SOON.    All in all, Dallas was a crazy, hot, successful trip with lots of memories, and food, and JESUS!  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pinterest Project COMPLETE!

I just love when I can check things off the ever growing list of thing I must get done before October and this week I accomplished 2!  TWO!  That's huge!!

About 2 months ago, Mom gave me a stroller and car seat that she bought when Bella arrived that was in pretty great shape and the stroller is a jogging stroller which is what I REALLY wanted.  Downfall...Jack the Cat, my sister's cat, who has a peeing problem, found it first.  But, I was determined to majorly clean it, get the cat pee smell out, and make it work!  I soaked the seat in mild yet "you better get the heck out" chemicals and then washed it twice, and then let it dry in the sun.  I had to replace a piece of particle board which was the biggest feat but we survived and now, I HAVE A STROLLER & AND A CAR SEAT!  (No pictures, but come on.  You know what a stroller looks like.)  

I finished a Pinterest Project!!!!!  YAY!  This was also on the list of projects to get done, so last night while I slightly moped, while my family was playing volleyball and I wished I could have played, I stayed home and created.  

This was my inspiration...

I know that it's been pinned about a gazillion times, but I was determined to make it with my own twist.  It's taken me a REALLY long time.  I've had my canvases covered for MONTHS!  But, here is the final project!

I think I will still look at it and touch up with a marker here and there, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  (Please disregard terrible picture.)  Not sure where it will go yet, but I like.  

Now for my next projects to finish...

The Ornament wreath I started before LAST Christmas for my front door.  

This sweater I saved so I can turn into leg warmers.  I think Ruthie with LOVE them!  

I think I am going to glue the letters together and screw hooks into the bottom of them for the wall to hang bows, or jackets, or ANYTHING.  

This is supposed to be a large rug that I started crocheting out of T-shirts.  I have the t-shirts, it's just cutting them up that's the hard part which I still have to do.  Ugh.  

So, craft on, I MUST!  I also have to refinish a cedar chest for a toy box, and paint/assemble a coffee table that I have, and I am determined to make another print with the quote that says, "Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will move mountains."  that I will put above her crib.  Not to mention, I would like to have some new tree skirts done to sell before Christmas.  Why am i still typing?!?!