Monday, June 13, 2011

10 Things I Love in my Kitchen

1. Nut Grinder
Because my mother and my grandmother used one. Pish Posh to the bags that are already chopped. I have my own thank you very much!

2. French Press
Because my husband HATES coffee. When my one cup is all it takes for a great Saturday morning.

3. Colorful Mixing Bowls
Because they’re just so pretty to mix in! When I moved into my new kitchen with the glass paned cabinet, I would not rest until those colorful bowls were behind that glass.

4. My Frog
Because I never realized there would be a time where O would actually wash my own dishes in a sink with a sponge. He has become very useful and not just a cute sink ornament.

5. My Stove
Because we are a poor married couple. I smile when I look at our stove. It came out of a garage Nathan cleaned. Oh, rusty stove…just when I thought I had an iron deficiency after weaning myself off of Peoria water…

6. Toaster Oven
Because Nathan and I are not getting a microwave…more like I won’t let us…I want to see if we can live without one and because toaster oven pizza is AWESOME in the summer so you don’t have to warm up the whole house with the rusty stove.

7. Ants
Because the remind me that even the perfect kitchen isn’t perfect. It also reminds me to do the dishes, put the lid on the sugar, and how AMAZING I am at towel snapping!

8. Grandma's Dishes
Because sometimes it’s not just Gma’s cooking that makes her cheesy potatoes SO good. I have eaten out of these dishes every thanksgiving I have ever been able to eat solid food.

9. Wooden Spoons
Because plastic melts and doesn’t keep the water from overflowing in my noodle water. My go-to kitchen utencial for baking in the kitchen and licking afer cookies!

10. KitchenAid Mixer
Because it’s timeless, it’s multifunctional, it’s durable, its RED, and it just plan makes me feel cool! Sometimes I just pull it out because it reminds me that I can cook.