Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hello, Motherhood...My name is Lindsay

Let's talk about feelings...
I feel like a freshman in the school of motherhood.  You know that first week of school where you are learning the ropes.  Where you do everything almost to the T of what you have been taught and then as you get comfortable you break the rules more and more and then start giving a little sass to you teachers... i feel like that right now.  

Baby Ruthie really has been doing great.  She eats every three hours about 1.5 oz. and we are steadily increasing that as she allows (aka doesn't throw it back up:).  She is 4 lb 12oz. now and really is progressing as the doc wants.  She EXPLODES in her diaper and sleeps fact she is doing those two simultaneously right now.

She is 17.5 in long...1.5 in longer then when she was born, but she still curls up when she sleeps.  She is sleeping on my chest and i am typing and she still cant reach the give you the idea.

Some truths that i believe and disregard that people have told me...
- My nesting didnt come until after she arrived.  Granted she arrived two months early AND i had no where to nest until the 1st of Sept.
- If you do pump drink LOTS and LOTS of fluids...pref water.  I was wondering why things weren't working...they i drank about 1/2 gal of water and there she flowed!
- I have become a very light sleeper.  Those first nights where you get out of bed to verify that the last sound you heard was not the demise of your child.  If fact it came from her butt and not even her mouth... yeah that happened.  
- I LOVE how breastfeeding/pumping allows you to shed your pounds from what i understand it's not the case for everyone, but I have lost almost 10lb past my pre preg weight.  Now the trick is keeping it off once im done.  
-  I put extra lotion on her forehead from where i kiss her too much.  It gets a little dry.  
-  I DO feel like im doing laundry continuously.  But Im ok with that.  

I can tell you that i still have so much to learn.  But she's making it very easy!  Im eager to watch her grow and to spend tons of time with her.  I have taken her out in public, but it's not one of my favorites...esp walmart.  People are normally one to say, "Oh cute." but for her, they say, "SHE'S SO SMALL!  How old is she!??  How much does she weigh?" and then they pull the blanket off her face to see... I just want to yell GET UP OFF OF THIS! But politely reply and then purell her forehead where they may have breathed when they are out of sight.  

I apologize if I post to many pictures.  I'm still in the obsessed phase.  I will post again soon...