Monday, December 1, 2014

The Thankful Project: 28-30 + WILD GINGER IS HERE!

Day 28: The Anti-Decorator a.k.a. Nathan

On this day, the Friday after Thanksgiving, all those who side with me and choose to give Thanksgiving it's rightful glory, put their Christmas decorations up today (I will not pretend and hide my bitterness for the commercial world that tries to overlook the greatness that is hisss!)  I am so thankful for my dear sweet, wonderful husband, a.k.a. the Anti-Decorator.  This means that anything remotely seasonal is HUGE.  The downfall, is that any small tree besides the actual Christmas tree decoratively placed around the house is TOOOO much.  I bet if I asked now, he would whip out some bag/box/large container and be ready to take any other decor resembling the shape of a Christmas tree straight to the nearest Salvation Army (He knows I would be so angry if he burned it b/c someone else wouldn't be able to enjoy the Christmas Cheer!)  I love him for this quality though, because I will never disappoint him with my decoration skills...and I love to see how irritated he gets when there's another mini Christmas tree each year.  He's so cute when he's irritated.

Day 29: Austin & Madison

These two wonderful, dear sweet children deleted all the data on my phone Friday night before bed. This taught be a few great lessons.

  1. Don't leave my phone in their reach.
  2. Back up pictures and music on your phone to your computer...especially when you have a newborn and you primarily take most of your pictures with your phone.
  3. DON'T PUT SO MUCH HEART AND SOUL INTO THAT THING THAT IS YOUR PHONE.  It can disappear at any point. Humbling really...


It's happening!  I'm doing it!  I'm going Blog-stal....Postal + Blogger! (or should it be Pogger...) Yeah, I just made that up, but still!  Check it out!  I am combining my blog and my business, and I'm making it bigger.  I've decided that if I really want to take steps toward being a stay-at-home mom, I have to take this HUGE step!

So, this will be my last post here.
Now, click here and enter into the new world that is WILD GINGER.

No worries.  I will keep this blog here until the end of the year so you can click through, but make one of you favorites!  Make the switch!  It will be so much easier!  Well, and way more entertaining since I wont be posting here anymore... duh.

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