Friday, November 28, 2014

The Thankful Project: 22-27 Vacay

You know what I am very thankful for?

 Day 22: Light bulbs...
 There was one out above my kitchen sink that I changed this morning, and now the one is out at my best side table. I feel so in the dark. *ba dum chh* That was totally my father, no but really. You never really appreciate something until it's gone.

 Day 23: Wordpress and .css generators *TEASER!*
 Don't ask. But wait in severe anticipation for Dec. 1! It will be big!

 Day 24: Paychecks
 Similarly to Day 22, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

 Day 25: Food
 I know that seems so general, but my thanks is pretty general. I like cooking it...eating it, growing it, eating it, eating it...

 Day 26: Vacation 5 days! I get 5 days!

 Day 27: The Candids
 I find that some of the pictures that mean the most to me are the ones that i didn't take. Usually, I go pick up my phone and find that Rue got a hold of it...That's how I got this one...

 I still cry when I see. What a funny kid. Man!

 Today my sister-in-law was taking pictures while I was in the kitchen. Tonight when I was debriefing from the day (i.e. eating extra dessert after everyone was gone and watching endless episodes of Gilmore Girls (I'm on Season 4)), I flipped through on my camera and just sat and smiled and giggled. When did my Ruthie May become a little girl? Someone...anyone... please tell me!

 Here, you look!

 They are my dream girls! There are only two other people that are up there with this much love...the first because He kind of created all of it, and the other man was a major part in created the first two. (Too much?)

 I hope you and your fam had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and family drama aside, it was filled with people you love surrounding you. Christmas can commonsense. I know the entire world was just holding her breath waiting for me to give the ok. It's ok everyone. You can now start celebrating Christmas.

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