Friday, November 21, 2014

The Thankful Project: Days 10-21

This is about the point we people start thinking in their head..."Well,maybe she is ungreatful!"  

This was about the time I stopped last year...BUT  I'M PUSHING THROUGH!  

Day 10: My Job!  

Not only do I get to work around some awesome people and some stellar kids, I get the summers off!  LOVE IT!

Day 11: Small Town Life

We do football and Caseys and muddin' and stuff.  We drive tractors to school and take off work and school for the first day of *insert animal that you plan to kill here* season.  Everyone knows everyone and, like 'em or not, still is there when you need help.  Yup, we're staying.  

Day 12: Diet Pepsi... nuff said.

Day 13:  Hairbands

I'm at that point in life where I can count on one hand the day withing the last month that my hair as stayed down all day.  It's a mom thing I think...Tess has some grabby hands. 

Day 14: Bacon...again nuff said. 

Day 15: eMeals  

I'll blog more about this one later with LOTS of details, but on the night of the 15th, I sat down at the kitchen table with my meal plans from emails and my thanksgiving plans, wrote out my shopping list for the rest of the month, and now, I know exactly what food is and that we have what we need for every night until Dec. 1!

Day 16: Bedtimes

Within these last few weeks, I have gotten sooo much done after 8:30p and it's crazy!  I forgot what it was like to have an evening to myself.  It's been a long time!

Day 17: makes dreams reality. (At least on paper :)

Day 18: Chocolate

Dove Chocolate particularly, and if there's caramel in it, extra points!

Day 19: Guatemala

It has been decided!  This summer, I am headed to Guatemala City for a mission trip!  There will be twelve of us going.  I'm pumped!

Day 20: Red hair
I'm of the 2%!  If I didn't think I was special, I do now! And I'm even luckier that I past it on to my sweet peas. 

Day 21: IT'S FRIDAY!  
Some weeks it's like, "Oh yeah! It's friday! I forgot."  But today it was, "Praise the good and sweet Heavenly Father Above, IT'S FRIDAY!!"

BOOM! Caught up!

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